The Glass Ball

Fullscreen capture 10122014 15124 PM-003As a survivor of childhood trauma, Dana knows she has to let go of the past if she’s ever going to move on.

The natural landscape of Southcentral Alaska—far from her life with her longtime boyfriend, Mark—calls to her as a place to heal. A place where she hopes she can sort out her feelings for him and cast out her demons, once and for all.

There’s only one problem: Luke, the handsome young widower who befriends her soon after her arrival. 

This magical summer in Alaska—filled with the beauty of the north country—will change Dana’s and Luke’s lives forever. And maybe, just maybe, give them the renewed hope they both need.

The Glass Ball is a love story not often told. Both realistic and poignant, it shows that love and intimacy can be healing forces valuable in their own right, as part of the evolving stories of our lives. This is a story not so much about finding happily ever after as it is about realizing it is within our reach.

“An excellent recounting of how one can move from being caught in fear and despair to being released into love and freedom.”

Elizabeth McNeill, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

 The Glass Ball can be purchased at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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About Jean Hatfield

Jean has lived most of her adult life surrounded by the 
grandeur of Alaska. She is married and has one beautiful daughter. Her family has had many beloved pets, one suspiciously like Sitka.


One thought on “The Glass Ball

  1. Peggy Ellenburg says:

    A compelling story and a must read for anyone who has experienced tragedy or trauma in their lives and for anyone who is helping someone through this kind of crisis. It offers hope for healing – a life after trauma that can be bright. The main character, Dana, is such a real person, with doubts, fears, ups and downs. The reader travels with her on her journey in a breathtaking setting that is a kind of travel journal it itself. Buy it, read it, and pass it on to someone you know.


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