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  1. Mr. 4am says:

    Luke Moment:
    What is a Luke moment? Let’s define it.
    To me, a Luke moment is a moment of inspiration or great epiphany. But it’s not just that. It could also, to me, mean any moment that raises the hair on the back of your neck or leaves you with goosebumps as a chill washes over you with a virtuous feeling.

    What does this for me?
    A message written into the lyrics of a song
    An inspirational story that raises my spirit. (Much like The Glass Ball)
    A photo that captures the essence of feeling in the moment the shutter snapped.

    To me, Luke moments are all around me, possibly every day and I feel blessed by it now that I think about it. And now that I think about it more I think I may have just realized that I need to be more observant for them because not only are they incredible feelings but are often only seized in less than fleeting moments and tend to spontaneity.

    My favorite Luke moments however are the ones that include my wife and children but only when they don’t realize the moment happened. It’s mine. All mine. That may sound selfish and I guess it is but these seem to be the moments that truly inspire me to be a better husband and father or realize that I am the husband or father that I set out to be. These are the moments that I want to live in forever.


  2. tapelady says:

    What a wonderful surprise! Just bringing up the subject of the “Luke Moment” ignites so many memories I don’t know where to start. Of course, that will not stop me from posting my thoughts. My first really positive moment came to me when I was about 5 years old. It is still vivid in my mind and comes back to me often. My family lived in southern California and there was an art showing of works by Vincent Van Gogh. I remember holding my mother’s hand walking around inside a building in a long line of people wearing dark clothes. I was aware that there were pictures on the walls that everyone was looking at but all I was seeing was mostly coat pockets and pants legs or skirts. (ladies wore skirts in those days) We would walk a step or two then stop then walk another step or two. This was hard work for a 5 year old. Then, suddenly, We stopped in front of a black and white drawing that was low enough for me to really see it. It was called “The Potato Eaters”, I think. It was very dark, but you could see everybody’s hands. Rough, heavy, calloused hands. Even so young I totally got it. From that day forward I was an artist. Not a very good one, but inside, where I live, I am an artist. Thank you Mama and Daddy! Thank you Vincent.


  3. KES says:

    My Luke is Homer, Alaska! From the moment I first saw it from Baycrest, my life has been complete. The beauty and peace this place gives me is hard to put in words. Everyone needs a Luke, and Homer is mine!
    Also I am so proud of Jean for finally seeing her goal reached with this book. I have been there from the beginning and am glad to have been a part of this journey. Thank YOU, Jean!!!!


  4. Denise K Marx says:

    A good friend gave me a copy of The Glass Ball. How fortunate for me. I truly enjoyed the book and it arrived on my doorstep during a time of transition and new beginnings in my life. Warm greeting from North Carolina.


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